Village of Morrin

Morrin Historical Park Sod House

The same spirit that erected one of the Village of Morrin’s most prized landmarks nearly three decades ago is alive and strong as the Morrin Sod House is being rebuilt from the ground up.

The sod house was built in 1980 to celebrate the 75th birthday of Alberta, and has since remained a popular attraction, with tours regularly stopping at the site. It was constructed with traditional settler methods, using what was available.

   While most of these makeshift prairie palaces only stood for a season or two, until a permanent home could be constructed, the Morrin Sod House has stood for about 29 years. Charlie Pierce, Member of the Sod House Society, and chairs the committee for reconstruction, said it was high time for the house to be rebuilt.

   “We have all those artifacts in the House, and it didn’t seem right to see it fall,” he said.

From The Drumheller Mail, posted 29 June 2009. To read the full article click here .

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